27 января 2020 г.

Slovakia to select the best farm equipment

Last week an exhibition ground in Slovakia hosted international trade show Agrokomplex 2017. Rostselmash brought its complete revamped line-up to the fair.

  Agrokomplex 2017 is a major agricultural forum in Slovakia , which was established by the Slovakian Ministry of Agriculture and Development. Last year it brought together over 250 exhibitors from all over the world. The expo is primarily geared towards promoting the agricultural industry and new production technologies and supporting producers.

  Throughout its duration, the exhibition agenda was packed full of scientific and business activities, including conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions, presentations.

  Rostselmash showcased as many as four models from its product range. Along with the proven grain harvester VECTOR 425 and forage harvester RSM 1403, the manufacturer put on display combines ACROS 595 Plus and RSM 161. The display was centred around RSM 161. This machine offers a perfect trade-off between price (twice as less as competitors), performance, versatility and comfort. Unrivalled TETRA Processor threshing system, 6 straw walkers, OptiFlow cleaning system and a number of other innovations recognized by 22 patents guarantee it will keep going where other combines stumble.



“We have bought five VECTORs,” says Michael Karol, CEO at Agrolment. “It was an informed decision. We looked at many combines out there on the market, evaluated them based on our requirements, and finally decided in favour of machines by Rostselmash. These are high-horsepower, rugged and efficient machines. They are affordably priced, very comfortable and well-equipped—total control over the cutting process, good hydraulics and power supply, unobstructed field of view during operation. 

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