18 декабря 2018 г.

Rostselmash at Autumn – 2017 International Expo

Rostselmash at Autumn – 2017 International Expo


A few days ago, an international agricultural machinery expo — Autumn-2017—
was finished in Riga, Latvia. Rostselmash brought to Latvia its machines that had previously proven themselves in the fields across Europe.

Rostselmash put on display grain harvesters RSM 161 and ACROS 595. By the end of the exhibition, Rostselmash received around 30 purchase orders for its agricultural machines. Most of the orders were for NOVA—a new product for the 2017/2018 farming year.

NOVA offers a high potential—the machine has most of the specifications

typical for class 3, while delivers performance of class 4. The modern design and optimized layout of machine’s components guarantee the required threshing efficiency and offer a well-balanced trade-off between cost and performance. Today, this compact grain harvester is the most advanced machine compared with the world competition, and is highly appreciated and awaited by farmers across Europe, Asia, and Africa.



“Russian farmers have 10,000 hectares of land or more, while in Latvia farms are sized 100 to 200 hectares. We now strongly need compact combines, and we can’t wait to see the start of production and early deliveries of the brand new model — the innovative Class 3 combine, which is set for series production as soon as this season,” said Yanis Kovals, head of Valatek farm.

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